Bridges – Bridging People and Opportunities


Bridges SF, LLC is a close-knit partnership. We work to pursue the same
goal for every client – delivering results that exceed expectations.

Capitalize on Our Experience and Relationships

Located in the City’s Financial District, the company was founded by Montie Parker and Janet Monfredini in 2003—two of the Bay Area's most experienced recruiters in the finance and accounting disciplines.

Together, we represent more than 60 years of experience in the fields of executive search and financial management. We are engaged with an extensive network of highly qualified finance professionals with exposure to a wide array of industries and endeavors.

The Bridges mission is simple. We are dedicated to our clients’ success. You’ll find that our responsiveness, proactive communications and follow-through will make Bridges a vital contributor to your organization’s continued success.

One of our most valuable rewards is having the opportunity to meet accomplished and impressive people who share their passion and dedication.

Janet Monfredini, Bridges SF

Janet Monfredini

“I’ve been recruiting since 1985. The business has definitely taken on new dimensions for me in the past few years as Bridges’ focus has evolved and has continued to provide a wonderful partnership with Montie.”

“After college, I worked for Montie at Itel Corporation in San Francisco and then went back to school for my MBA. In the meantime, Montie had gone into recruiting so upon graduating I approached him for help with my own job search.”

“Though he tried, I wasn’t prepared to be recruited as a recruiter! I took another job opportunity, working for five years in the oil and gas industry for the firm now known as BP. That organization provided me with valuable experiences and perspectives that I am so grateful to have had the chance to live. However, that meeting with Montie stuck with me. When it was time to make a career move once again, that previous conversation quietly surfaced. Luckily Montie was still enthusiastic and I joined his firm and learned from one of the best in the business.”

“At Bridges, we’ve added facets to our practice that reflect our personalities and business philosophies. At the same time, we enjoy a lot of fun along with our achievements. We have been so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with impressive and talented people, whether in the role of client or candidate. While we have the chance to provide service and resource to them we also have the luxury of appreciating and learnng from their histories and businesses.”


My past experience includes work in financial analysis, forecasting, contracts, systems design and logistics. After business school, I managed financial and contractual aspects of multi-million dollar purchases for infrastructure projects for Prudhoe Bay, Alaska and for the corporate/administrative business entity Sohio Construction Company. Following, I was a founding partner of a successful recruiting practice for 12 years before launching Bridges in 2003 with Montie.

  • University of San Francisco, MBA
  • University of San Francisco, BS Business
  • Born and raised in San Francisco
  • Lived in London for two years
  • Enjoy international travel
  • Have volunteered extensively for children and animal welfare organizations and on neighborhood association projects.
Bridges SF LLC
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An organization is guided to success by the quality of its team.

Montie Parker, Bridges SF

Montie Parker

“I started in recruiting when I was with Arthur Andersen. In addition to my systems and audit work, I was responsible for campus recruiting at several midwest colleges and universities.”

“As VP of Finance at Itel Corporation, I had a large staff and was constantly on the other side of the table — doing the hiring.”

“The Internet has changed the speed with which we do business but it has not changed the basic nature of our personal relationships that drive our business.”


My past experience includes financial management, audit and systems work before entering the field of executive search. Along with my other partners, I formed Parker & Lynch – a successful accounting and finance boutique search firm that was later sold to a large NYSE staffing company. During that same time frame we also built and sold an administrative staffing firm. After the sale, Janet and I formed Bridges SF.

  • Iowa State University, BS in Industrial Administration
  • Born and raised in Iowa
  • Lived in Chicago and Denver prior to moving to San Francisco
  • Enjoy international travel, reading, photography, skiing and …
  • Spending time with my large extended family spread across the US
Bridges SF, LLC
Founder & Partner (Since 2003)
Parker & Lynch
Itel Corporation
VP of Finance
Arthur Andersen & Co.
Senior Manager
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