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We enjoy providing events as a free service and with the help, support and expertise of prestigious CPA and HR consulting firms, which update our clients and candidates. We look forward to helping you to keep your knowledge current and awareness of issues cutting edge.

If you would like to ensure you are on our email/invitation list please enquire. Also, if there are any topics you would find helpful and important we welcome your requests and suggestions for presentation ideas.

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Our candidate base is our most valued resource. Often our candidates become clients and we hope that’s a comment on the personal respect and quality of service we provide. We’ll work with you to monitor emerging opportunities and expand your professional network. If you’re interested in joining the Bridges’ network of finance professionals, please send your resume as an email attachment to or

Again, if you are interested in a new opportunity and would consider working for a nonprofit, no matter your previous industry experience, have already been in the not for profit space or are at a point in your career that you find you have the interest and ability to “give back,” we would greatly appreciate hearing from you. We have a very diverse and multi faceted candidate pool and always appreciate adding accomplished, smart and creative people to our network.

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71 Stevenson Suite 400
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Easy access to Montgomery Street BART.

Convenient parking at City Park 223 Stevenson Street, and Central Park at 71 Stevenson Street.

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Bridges SF, LLC
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